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Dr. Pierone presents research study

Dr. Gerald Pierone will be presenting his research study on the safety and effectiveness of PMMA/collagen gel for long-term correction of lipoatrophy at the national meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology conference on March 1st in Washington DC. ...

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Dr. Gerald Pierone recently attended the 2018 CROI

Boston | March 4-7, 2018 Dr. Gerald Pierone recently attended the 25th annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston. This highly prestigious conference brings together leading, translational, and clinical HIV...

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2016 Aesthetic Show Las Vegas

Dr. Gerald Pierone recently attended the 2016 Aesthetic Show at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Dr. Gerald Pierone with his wife, Dr. Nancy Cho had the pleasure of meeting Dr. & Mrs. Harrison Lee. Dr. Lee is the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed the facial...

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Why I Wiped HIV Off My Face

  By Mark S. King From TheBody.com October 30, 2015 Mark in 2014 Mark in 2008 Some years ago, I told someone that I was HIV positive before I agreed to his invitation for a date. "Yeah, I know," he casually replied, and then he looked a little embarrassed, as if...

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PMMA facial fillers or check implants?

Question: Dr. Pierone, I would like to know if PMMA fillers are safer that checks implants, Thanks, Dr.O. Perez Answer:  There are no studies that I am aware of that directly compare PMMA to cheek implants for restoring volume. Both procedures are effective in...

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Bellafill ® Facial Wasting

Bellafill ®, by Suneva Medical, is one of the fastest growing fillers on the market and is a great facial wasting treatment option. The only permanent filler that is FDA approved, it can be used to treat moderate/severe facial volume loss in the nasolabial folds and...

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